Greeting from president

GSK celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2015. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued customers, business partners and supporters for their continuous support, patronage and the confidence in our products and services. This has inspired us to extend the best of our services and enables us to focus on customers’ satisfaction as a total solution provider.

I am also thankful to our devoted employees for their unwavering support. Their efficiency and readiness at addressing to the needs of our customers enable us to grow steadily.

GSK did not employ Japanese employee to run overseas Branch offices, instead we believe in entrusting this role to the local, younger generations whom are driven by their new innovative thinking; this will enable them to run the business more effectively and efficiently. As a result, this was proven in our achievements by continuing to grow steadily. Within the first ten years from our office set up in Singapore in 1995, we managed to establish 11 branch offices across 8 countries. Since then, our sales continued to grow progressively for the next ten years.

In the recent years, understanding the vulnerability of low profit margin product lines and huge cash outlay, we tweaked to change our business strategies and discontinued such businesses. As such we are able to achieve very healthy financial status, even though sales amount will be much lower for the initial years.

With our current stable financial health and a pool of experienced and committed staffs, we are confident in establishing stronger ties with both Suppliers and Customers over the coming 10 years and more.

We plan to achieve a more conducive work environment as we believe that an employee with work-life balance will be a motivated and committed contributor who can deliver their best to the company.

As we reached 20th Anniversary, the experience that we gained was immensely valuable. We will continue to strive to improve our service level and we look forward to your continued patronage.

Lastly, thanks to all our well-wishes who have contributed to the growth of our organization.

S. Komatsu